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Winter League

News Posted: 5th October 2009



Winter League 2009/10

All players are invited to play in the 2009/10 Winter League (WL).

£3 entry into sweepstake every Sunday.

Players to meet downstairs for draw at 9.15am for a 9.30am start.
Any tee can be used to begin round.

Players will begin WL with summer handicap as of 11th October 2009

Each round will be played in a stableford format, with 36 points being Par for the course. If any player scores more than 36 points in any round, a reduction of ½ point per stroke will be deducted from his handicap. Therefore if 39 points are scored, a deduction of 3 x 0.5 = 1.5 reduction on handicap will apply.

Weekly winner* of sweepstake shall receive a ½ point reduction on handicap even if he scores 36 points or less.      (* Note this only applies to winner even if there is a tie)
If scores are tied then the usual count back system will apply.

The winner of the WL is the person with the highest total from 5 rounds between the 11th October 2009 and 28th March 2010 inclusive.

In the event of two or more players with the same total a count back system will take place.

Best last 3 rounds
Best last 2 rounds
Best last round

If the players still cannot be separated then the WL title shall be shared.

Along with the coveted trophy the winner will receive £50 cash.