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Captains Letter - End of Season.

News Posted: 26th September 2019




We are coming to the end of another busy golfing calendar, which just seems to fly past so quickly. As I reflect on the season, which I feel has been another massive success, there is always more that I would have liked to do as Captain, but being heavily involved in other sports, and with it being an Island Games year as well I never quite got to put the time into it which I would have liked.

Hopefully the curse has been broken, and I have managed to expell what has hampered many previous captains. The link between Office and form has been an issue in the past, and hopefully stays in the past. 

Thankfully there is a dedicated team behind the scenes that keep it all ticking over. Ronnie who is the competition Ringleader with his 2 new apprentice helpers Kieren and Joshua have done a massive amount of organizing and given up a lot of their time on Thursday nights to set up the competitions and do the draws as well as close competitions. George who also helps with Thursdays, and setting up the Open's, and also looks after the Handicaps.

I will have definitely missed people as soo many help out where they can, so thank you to anyone who has dedicated some time to the cause.  

We will have seen around 33,000 holes of golf played by the men alone on the eclectic chart by the time we finish the season, this is not including all the Match play ties. With 2 holes in one from Keith Fraser, and Derek Nicholson amongst those 33,000 plus a few 'Larger' scores too.  


I would also like to thank Allyn, our new greens keeper for his hard work since arriving. He has found his feet really quickly and got stuck into the course and put his mark on it. You can really see the improvements whether from driving past the course or out playing. I look forward to seeing Allyn continue to raise the standard of the course and hopefully continue to enjoy island life alongside his work.

Additionally thank you to David Kirk, Richie Smith, Ernie Smith, Heather Hogg, Billy Arthur and anyone I might have missed who have been clocking in many regular hours assisting Allyn on the course.


With the end of my tenure coming up, I intend to step down at the end of the season as is expected with the 2 year role, and a new Captain will be required at the AGM. I am willing to help whoever it is get settled in and may consider carrying on until someone is in place. If you want to know more or ask any questions, please just get in touch and I would be happy to explain or answer anything. 

I would encourage anyone to give it a go. You don’t need to be a ‘low’ handicapper to be captain, it’s a job suitable for any gentleman and has been a great experience for myself. 

As a small club of volunteers, we inevitably find ourselves relying on a small group to do the work for the masses. Whether this is in the Men’s section or in the club as a whole with the committee members. The old adage of ‘Many hands make light work’ is extremely apt at our club and as always I would encourage you to get involved and help where you can.

It’s been a pleasure working with everyone involved in the club and look forward to seeing the club go from strength to strength in the future.


Until Next Season.....

Yours Sincerely,


Ramsay Hogg.

Mens Captain