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The Course


Scorecard for Shetland Golf Club, Dale

Hole Name Gents
Par Stroke
Par Stroke
1 Sheltie Wan 354 4 12 346 4 9
2 Pecten 151 3 18 141 3 17
3 Water Hole 360 4 6 352 4 3
4 Total 334 4 2 249 4 11
5 Brent 344 4 14 336 4 7
6 The Slipway 297 4 8 289 4 1
7 St Clair 351 4 4 343 5 5
8 Young's 359 4 10 237 4 15
9 The Royal 184 3 16 170 3 13
Out 2734 34   2463 35  
10 The Bruce 347 4 13 253 4 18
11 Thistle Hotels 373 4 3 365 4 4
12 Fred Olsen 160 3 9 152 3 10
13 Cod End 360 4 5 352 5 6
14 Clydesdale 172 3 11 162 3 14
15 Pegasus 452 4 1 334 4 2
16 St Vincent 319 4 17 279 4 16
17 Montrose 140 3 15 132 3 12
18 Conoco 479 5 7 372 5 8
In 2828 34   2430 35  
Out 2734 34   2463 35  
Total 5562 68   4893 70  

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Course Etiquette

All members are requested to exercise proper etiquette on the course and pay particular attention to the following:

  1. Replace divots and repair pitch marks on the greens.
  2. Allow faster groups to play through.
  3. Players should make sure the 9th hole is clear before starting their round at the 10th tee.
  4. Do not leave litter on the course, please use the bins provided.
  5. Tee reserved notices to be strictly adhered to.

Note: Continuous practice from any single spot on the course is not permitted.

Shetland Golf Club (Dale) Local Rules

1. Out of bounds – A ball is out of bounds when it lies (a) Outside any boundary fence on the course or (b) within the designated practice area which is defined by white marker posts whilst playing any hole or (c) to the left of the white marker posts adjacent to the 4th fairway.

2. Penalty Areas – Any burns or ditches that are unmarked are defined as a Penalty Areas. For the avoidance of doubt the burn to the rear of the 10th green and the ditch to the rear of the 3rd green are defined as Penalty Areas.

3. Integral Part of the Course – The cottage on the right of the 9th hole, the ball must be played as it lies or declared unplayable.

4. Ground Under Repair (GUR) – Any area marked with blue stakes or enclosed with white painted lines. Relief must be taken from all areas of GUR. All stone filled drainage ditches are defined as GUR.

5. Dropping Zones – Dropping zones are provided at the rear of the 3rd green and to the left & right of the 10th green. If relief is taken from either of the penalty areas behind these greens and it is impossible to drop the ball within two club lengths not nearer the hole, the player may, under penalty of one stroke drop their ball in the nearest allocated drop zone.

6. Embedded Ball – A ball embedded in its own pitch mark anywhere through the green may be lifted, cleaned & dropped without penalty.

7. Tractor Marks – A ball lying on tractor marks may be lifted and dropped without penalty.

8. GPS Measuring Devices – GPS Measuring Devices may be used in competition play for measuring distance only. Any device which has the capability of measuring other factors such as wind speed, temperature, slope etc are not allowed in competition play.

9. Dress Code – Football or Rugby Shirts are not allowed on the course

PLEASE NOTE:- All bridges are considered to be Immovable Obstructions (Abnormal Course Condition)

Extract from Rule 16-1 Abnormal Course Condition

Meaning of Interference by Abnormal Course Condition. Interference exists when any one of these is true:

  • The player’s ball touches or is in or on an abnormal course condition,
  • An abnormal course condition physically interferes with the player’s area of intended stance or area of intended swing, or
  • Only when the ball is on the putting green, an abnormal course condition on or off the putting green intervenes on the line of play.

If the abnormal course condition is close enough to distract the player but does not meet any of these requirements, there is no interference under this Rule.

b. Relief

Except when the ball is in a penalty area, a player may take relief from interference by an Abnormal Course Condition as follows:

(i) Through the Green: If the ball lies through the green, the player must lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.


Please replace turf and smooth out bunker footmarks.

Remember: Look after your course. Replace divots. Repair damage to putting green.

Indemnity: All golfers and visitors use the facilities of Shetland Golf Club entirely at their own risk. Course users are cautioned to take extra care on the Golf Course when negotiating footpaths, bridges, uneven ground, and water courses.