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Shetland Ladies victorious in Intercounty!

News Posted: 5th September 2019

Unfortunate with the weather being soo poor, it meant that no golf was played on the saturday but that did little to dampen the spirits or stop them being poured. Indoor bowls and party games was the order of the day with some light refreshments. 

The Visiting Orkney Ladies Team. 


The Shetland Ladies Team. 

With improvements on sunday in the weather the format was altered to make the most of it. Playing 27 holes in total. 

Shetland Ladies took a slender lead from the 4 Ball better ball match, winning 5-4. The Afternoon matches of Greensome ended up a convincing victory to the Home Team as they won 6.5 - 2.5, giving them a winning total of 11.5 - 6.5 to win the Intercounty trophy. 

A Fantastic weekend as always and thoroughly enjoyable as always.