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Other Shetland Attractions


"Shetland's scenery is surprisingly varied for such a small area - and often spectacular. The islands offer everything from rocky crags and heather hills to fertile farmland, from sand dunes and pebble beaches to stupendous cliffs."  (Text courtesy of

Nature and Wildlife

Shetland is home to a wealth of wildlife. The more noticeable animals which share our island are seals, cetaceans, otters, birds and a wide diversity of flora and plant life. We are also fortunate to have domestic animals which have adapted to the harsh climate here, such as Shetland ponies, Shetland sheepdogs, Shetland cattle, Shetland sheep, Shetland hens. In a similar vein there are local varieties of wild animals such as the Shetland wren and the Shetland starling.

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Music is very much alive in Shetland, particularly with regard to the rich tradition of fiddle playing. Whilst there are Scandinavian, Scottish and Irish influences, Shetland has developed its own distinctive style and there exists a wealth of Shetland compositions. Dr. Tom Anderson and Willie Hunter did a huge amount to foster fiddle playing in Shetland. Their legacy has been nurtured by successors such as Aly Bain, Margaret Couper, Bryan Gear, Catriona MacDonald and Christopher Stout, who are now well-known on the folk music scene. For purists there are traditional fiddle groups such as ‘The Shetland Fiddlers Society’ and ‘The Young Heritage’.

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'Must See' Attractions

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